Maybe the digital town square, should not be owned by a disinformation spreading shitbird.Perhaps every person with too much time on their hands should not have a world wide bullhorn.The future of media, is curated.

Status Quo

Social Media: choked with disinformation disseminated by nation states and amplified by the uninformed and uneducated.Mainstream Media: little more than mouthpieces of their corporate overlords.The age of AI: with the rise of solutions like ChatGPT we are about to be inundated with more real sounding false content than
Google: more ads than search results.Amazon: now an ad infested Chinese junk wasteland.Twitter: essentially devolved to 4chan.The web needs a quality reboot.

What's Next

Fezz is a curated feed network.Features
- Content provider validation by default.
- Quality verified content only.
- Need access to other media sources? No problem, our subscriber plugins can allow you to pull in other information sources to your private feed.
- Trust you are getting the correct information from public officials, with verified public official feeds.
- Configure alert rules to notify you of items of interest.
- Create custom aggregations from public or private feeds.
- Profit from your aggregations via subscriber micro-subscriptions.
Get informed. Get Fezz